Temple of the Jaguar

I am happy to announce a new release of the audio book version of Temple of the Jaguar.

Rocky and Bernadette are currently in Italy having all kinds of marvelous adventures, and will be back in the near future with more stories.  J.M. Hudson

Cover of Temple of the Jaguar

About the book:

Covering a Mayan Cultural Tour for Let’s Travel Magazine is Bernadette Mallow’s dream job. A former archaeologist, she’s been stuck in an office transcribing dry academic field notes for her former professor since her son was born ten years ago. Finally, now she’s getting a chance to get back in the game.

But on arrival in Cancun, Bernadette finds her new partner, photographer Rocky Falconi, not quite what she expected.

…in her mind’s eye, he’d looked more like Harrison Ford, with that Indiana Jones smile that quirked the corner of his mouth. Reality was not so kind. Dark and swarthy, a day’s stubble covered his jaw. The bare arms crossed over his chest writhed with an eclectic collection of tattoos. A small gold earring glinted through the tangle of wavy black hair that fell past his shoulders, making him look more like Antonio Banderas than Harrison Ford—and more Desperado than Zorro at that.

If she wants more work with the magazine, she’ll have to come through on this assignment – and that means getting along with her crusty new partner.

But when her annoying second sight acts up, Bernadette knows something is terribly wrong. A gift from her Irish granny, the sight never seems to give her any fresh insight— it just seems to get her into trouble.

Like when bodies start turning up in the lagoon, and Bernadette, in the wrong place at the wrong time, draws unwanted attention from the local police.

That’s when Rocky decides he has to step in.

“The victim was a tourist, just like us,” Rocky murmured. “Two days after his tour ends, he’s found dead in the lagoon. Crocodile dinner. Nobody seems to have any idea who did it, so that means the perp is probably still out there.”

But can they learn to work together before someone else gets hurt—or dies?

Temple of the Jaguar now available everywhere online.

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Judith Hudson